10 Devices To Help Prevent Water Leaks In Brisbane

Homeowners often ignore water leaks as a minor plumbing issue. However, they must not be taken lightly because water leaks can cause severe property damage.

Water leaks are usually the result of faulty pipes, leaky bathroom taps, or even humid weather conditions. If you have a dripping ceiling or a persistent damp patch on the wall, it’s probably because of some water leaks in the house. But, the question is – how can you detect a hidden water leak early to avoid water damage?

Thanks to smart and innovative technology, early water leak detection has become quite an easy task. You can use smart devices and water monitoring systems to identify hidden water leaks and take immediate actions to avoid extensive property damage. Today, we’ll talk about ten smart devices that can help in early leak detection Ipswich wide.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get on with it!

What Are The Best Devices To Detect Water Leaks?

1. Honeywell Lyric WiFi Water Leak And Freeze Detector

The water leak and freeze detector from Honeywell is one of the best smart devices in the market that can help in the early detection of hidden water leaks. It accurately detects different fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels.

Plus, operating the device is pretty straightforward as it comes with a companion app that you can connect to your WiFi. Hence, if your pipe starts freezing or there’s a minor water leak, the app will send an alert on your phone.

2. Govee WiFi Water Sensor

The WiFi water sensor from Govee is completely wireless and has some of the best reviews from customers. You can just plug it in a power socket and connect it with your home WiFi, and it’ll work to detect even the tiniest of water leaks in the house. Furthermore, the smart device supports as many as ten sensors so that you can cover every inch of your house.

3. D-Link DCH-S161 WiFi Water Sensor

The D-link water sensor is one of the most affordable smart devices to detect water leaks from your washing machine, water heater, or sink. You can simply use the WiFi network to connect the device with your smart gadgets so that it can send an alert if there’s any water leak.

4. Flo: Moen Smart Water Shutoff

The Flo Water Shutoff device from Moen Smart comes with a smart water metre that can help to monitor the daily water consumption in your house. If there’s a sudden spike in the water consumption rate, it can signify a water leak. The device also tests various systems for leaks and prevents water damage, thanks to its auto-shutoff feature.

5. LeakSMART Sensor

This sensor is quite effective for detecting leaks and water damage in areas prone to frequent flooding. Say your basement is completely flooded; you can use the LeakSMART sensor to detect the water leak as it floats and has a watertight seal covering its battery.

6. Flume 2: Smart Home Water Monitor

Another great smart device for the early detection of any water leak is the Flume 2 water monitor. It detects the water pressure and flow through your water lines and sends you an alert if there’s a drop in water pressure or flow, indicating a water leak. The device easily connects to the WiFi network, and you can also use it to monitor your water consumption rates.

7. Peril Protect

Peril Protect is a smart water leak detector that uses cellular technology and requires a cellular hub or call centre to detect any leaks. It is quite easy to install in your house and comes with highly responsive sensors. However, it doesn’t connect with any third-party smart devices like your smartphone over the WiFi network. You’ll also need a monthly subscription to operate this smart leak detector.

8. Orbit B-Hyve Flood Sensor

Orbit B-Hyve is an effective flood sensor that alerts you if there’s a water leak due to the bursting or freezing of your water pipes. However, like Peril Protect, it isn’t compatible with other smart gadgets and doesn’t connect via the wireless WiFi network. Instead, it can help you detect water leaks using cellular data and technology.

9. Kangaroo Water And Climate Sensor

The water and climate sensor from Kangaroo is very similar to the Honeywell smart water sensor. The Kangaroo sensor also helps in monitoring humidity and temperature levels, along with detecting water leaks. So, you can easily prevent water leaks due to temperature and humidity fluctuations using this device.

Say the temperature reaches a point where your water pipes might freeze; you can detect the temperature drop using this Kangaroo detector. Its smart sensor also tracks the daily humidity levels so that you can take care of the damp patches on your walls because of water leaks.

10. Phyn Smart Water Sensor

Similar to all other smart devices on this list, the Phyn smart sensor alerts you whenever there’s a water leak in your house. It also keeps track of humidity and temperature levels and takes necessary precautions if they have breached the normal levels to avoid water leaks due to extreme weather conditions. You can install the device anywhere in the house to ensure early detection of water leaks.

Final Words

Detecting water leaks in time often becomes a tricky job, leading to extensive water damage. But, as you can see from our list, you can install several smart devices that can help detect leaks without any hassle.

Try to place the sensors in areas most likely to spring a water leak, such as the basement or bathroom, and you’ll be good to go. You can hire a plumber Ipswich wide who can help you install these smart sensors correctly in the house.

On top of this, some of these wireless devices are compatible with other smart gadgets and can connect with them via WiFi. Thanks to these smart detectors, you’ll instantly know whenever there’s a water leak, whether you are at home or outside.

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