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10 Tips To Clear Any Blocked Drain

A blocked drain can make your daily life that little bit more difficult and even result in burst pipes, flooding, and damage to your property. But if you do end up with a blocked drain, how can you clear it yourself? We have collected our top ten tips for clearing any blocked drain, read on to find out more.

1. Take preventative measures with kitchen sinks

In some cases, prevention can be better than cure. If you find that you are suffering from repeated blockages in your kitchen, try to encourage everyone to not put food or grease down the sink. This can build up and cause drainage issues.

2. Try vinegar and baking soda

If you want to try a natural remedy, then vinegar and baking soda are often commonly used. Pre-mix one-third of a cup of baking soda with one-third of a cup of vinegar and pour down your drain. Leave it to fizz for a couple of hours, or even overnight, and then flush it through with plenty of boiling hot water. This should eat through hair, grease, and other build-ups, however, it may not work with larger blockages.

3. Give hot water a go

If you find that you have poured oil down your sink by accident and fear a blockage building up, simply pour plenty of boiling or very hot water down the sink after it. This can be especially effective for kitchen sinks and can protect your U-bend from a buildup of cooking fats.

4. Make sure floor drains are clear

If you have floor drains, then it can be easy to forget about them. Make sure that they are not blocked by checking on them regularly. Whether in your laundry room or in your shower, they can become blocked by hair or pet fur, causing buildup that can easily lead to a flood.

5. Use a plunger

Most households have a plunger on hand, so make sure you have yours ready to go in case of toilet blockages. The toilet plunger can be used to provide suction that can break up clogs enough for you to flush the toilet (or, in cases of foreign objects, grab your rubber gloves and fish them out). You may need to put some muscle into this, but if you find it isn’t working, don’t risk damaging your toilet or causing a flood. You should also have a plunger on hand for sinks, showers and bathtubs.

6. Bend a wire hanger

Used a plunger and found that the blockage is still lurking? A bent wire hanger can be used as a plumbing tool in a pinch. It can be especially useful for bathrooms, as feeding it down the bathtub or shower drain can both break up soap gunk and other grime, and hook out hair buildup so that it doesn’t cause a bigger blockage going forward. If you find that your shower is draining slowly, this DIY item can be invaluable for a quick fix.

7. Use an auger

If your wire hanger isn’t quite working, or you don’t have one on hand, then pick up an auger to get the job done. An auger is a proper piece of plumbing equipment but you can buy it easily. Feed it into your pipe and break up a blockage using its length.

8. Check your stormwater drains

If you live in an area with a wet climate, then ensure you are regularly checking your stormwater drains. Make sure that they do not become blocked by gardening debris, such as grass, twigs or leaves.

9. Keep toilets clear

Make sure that no one is putting anything other than a small amount of toilet tissue down the toilet - as things such as makeup remover wipes, cotton wool, a large amount of paper, or other foreign objects can block drains.

10. Call a plumber

Yes, we know that it is tempting to try and go down the DIY route, and while many blocked drains are easy to deal with at home, some require the high power equipment and expertise of a professional plumber. No matter what kind of blockage you have, if you aren’t confident that you can clear it safely by yourself, or you have dried and the blockage is stubborn, then reaching out to a plumber is the best way of getting a great result quickly and cleanly. Having routine checks and maintenance performed on your drains is also a good way to make sure that you don’t end up with any unwanted blockages in the future - just something to keep in mind!

If you have a blocked drain, there are many things you can do to clear the issue. However, in many cases, it is wise to call on professional help to support you and ensure that there is no damage to your pipes or the surrounding area. Do you think that you may have a blocked drain? Get in touch with Parker Plumbing Company for everything from unblocking drains to routine maintenance in the Ipswich and West Brisbane area.

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