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Plumbing Tools And Basics Every Homeowner Needs In A Plumbing Emergency

While we will always suggest you let a professional attend to any plumbing problems that might occur in your home, we also understand that accidents and emergencies happen.

When an emergency strikes, whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night, sometimes you can’t call in the experts fast enough. And in some cases, you might easily be able to solve an issue yourself.

However, in order to take care of plumbing issues in an emergency, you need the right tools. There are a few tools and basics that you should have on hand as a homeowner in order to keep your home covered in case of those plumbing problems.

But what are some of those tools you need? We have collected some of the essentials to see you through a plumbing emergency. Read on to find out more.

Cup plunger

Most households have a plunger, but did you know that you should have two different kinds? They are shaped slightly differently in order to allow them to perform various jobs the best.

A cup plunger has a wooden handle and a cup-shaped rubber end, which you can use to dislodge food or other kinds of buildup from sinks. The shape of the plunger makes it ideal for this job, as it can sit flush against the plug hole and create a decent amount of suction, moving built-up food or hair before it can become a bigger problem. If you notice your sinks draining more slowly, it’s time to use one of these.

Flange plunger

A flange plunger also comes with a wooden handle and rubber end, but the cup is flared to make it better for use on toilet blockages. It fits perfectly inside your toilet boil and can remove clogs that are causing your toilet not to flush correctly and perhaps even overflow.

This is a common household problem, so having a flange plunger to hand is truly invaluable!


If you are a little handier around the house, you may find that you need more supplies and tools in order to fix those emergency issues. You may have seen your plumber using a wrench to reach the nuts under your sink, and this is a tool that you might want to invest in yourself.

Keeping some pliers and a wrench in your arsenal can help you to tighten up pipes that might be leaking or turning nuts that you cannot manage with your hands.

Many homeowners have wrenches in their home for plumbing purposes - such as pipe wrenches and adjustable wrenches, as well as tongue and groove pliers. These tools are perfect for getting to those difficult to reach places - however, you should only use them if you are entirely comfortable and confident. Otherwise, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.



An auger is used to remove blockages that you cannot shift with a plunger. If you want to do everything you can before calling in a plumber, then an auger is an excellent tool to have at home.

Known as a drain snake, it is a long wire that can be guided down your drain to push through and break up a clog. This is great for more persistent and difficult to move blockages. There are different augers for toilets than there are for sinks and basins, as some are designed to protect your porcelain.

However, it is best to call a professional if this does not work, as the issue might require something a little more robust.

The basics

There are some absolute basics that you should have around, just in case. These are not technically just useful for plumbing emergencies, but they will be invaluable if and when one happens!

You should have a good-sized bucket in your house to catch leaks and protect your floor and a mop to clean up any flooding that happens during plumbing issues. Another essential item is a flashlight to help you see into those darkened spaces where plumbing might have failed.

These simple items can help you figure out where the problem lies and give you some time before you can either fix the issue or a certified plumber arrives to remedy the situation.

Do you have all of these basics at home already? If not, now is the perfect time to stock up and make sure that you have everything you need in case of an emergency.

And don’t forget - the best tool could be the number of an excellent emergency plumber who can advise you through difficult plumbing moments. In the end, even if you manage to fix an issue by yourself temporarily, it could point to a more significant problem that a plumber can help you to diagnose and fix. So keep that emergency number handy!

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