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What Is Considered A Plumbing Emergency

It is easy to take the plumbing in your property for granted while everything is running fine, but when a problem does arise, it can be a complete disaster! Without hot water, heating or drainage, the building suddenly becomes unfit for purpose and you can't go about your normal business. Whether your home is without a working boiler or a leak has sprung at your commercial premises, you need help, and fast!

Emergency plumbers are engineers who work around the clock, seven days a week, responding to the most urgent of plumbing problems. If you are having major plumbing issues yourself, you might be wondering if an emergency plumber is the right route for you. So exactly what constitutes a plumbing emergency? The list below is not exhaustive, but it covers some of the main reasons for callouts.

Leaks and floods

One of the most immediately obvious problems with plumbing, and a true emergency that requires help right away, is a flood in your property. Most flooding problems come from leaks or blockages, and they can be extremely damaging to your building and its contents. The longer the cause goes untreated, the worse the damage can be, and water damage can be extremely expensive to resolve.

You need help quickly to shut off the cause of the flood or leak, and to provide repairs as needed before too much damage is done. It is often the case that the leak or flood has quite a simple solution, such as replacing a valve or tightening a pipe joint, but if not dealt with immediately then you will soon have much bigger problems on your hands!

No water running

Too much water is a problem, but so is a complete lack of water! If you turn on the taps and nothing runs out, you need a specialist to come in quickly and investigate why. Leaks are a common culprit here too: a fault with the main pipe can stop water from reaching your property or running into the water delivery systems properly. If there is no planned waterworks in your area which have caused the temporary shutoff, and if the water stopcock is open and ready to deliver water, then you need a plumber to find out where your water is going.

No heating or hot water

Especially during cold weather, an issue with the heating or hot water systems is a serious problem that needs resolving right away. You need hot water for cleaning and washing, and for heating systems to function. While some causes of hot water system failures are easy to resolve, others are major problems: a boiler breakdown, for example. To discover why your radiators aren't heating and your hot taps aren't running, you need a qualified engineer to run diagnostics and recommend the right solution.

Blocked drains, sinks and toilets

A blocked drain or appliance is an urgent problem for several reasons. Firstly, you can't be without your toilet or sink for too long, and secondly, the cause of the problem could get worse if not quickly resolved. Some causes of blockages are fairly obvious: has your child flushed a toy down the toilet, for example? Others require investigation to determine why the drainage route has become blocked. Left unresolved, a blockage can quickly become a flood as water and waste back up, so you really do need a fast response from a plumber.

Frozen pipes and taps

This common winter problem has the immediate result of stopping you from accessing water, but also the potential to cause serious long term damage by cracking your pipes and causing leaks. During winter, plumbing problems tend to crop up more often, and resolving them takes on a new sense of urgency too. If you suspect your pipes have iced up, or if you notice a burst pipe outside your property, you need an expert to take a look right away.

Suspected gas leaks

Of all the plumbing emergencies on this list, a suspected gas leak is the most serious as it poses a real danger to life. If you smell gas, you should call the emergency services right away on 1800 427 532. Once the cause has been isolated and shut off, you may need a plumber to follow up with repairs - such as a new boiler, or fitting a new kitchen appliance.

Another serious problem that needs urgent attention is a suspected carbon monoxide leak, which can occur from a faulty boiler or other gas heating appliance. Avoid problems with regular servicing and maintenance, and send for an emergency plumber if you have concerns about your gas heating systems.

For any of the above problems, and a whole host of other urgent plumbing needs, you can contact the local plumbing experts at Parker Plumbing in Ipswich. Qualified and experienced plumbing engineers are available round the clock to tackle the most urgent of plumbing emergencies, so call now on 1300 489 897.

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