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Drain blockages can be stressful to deal with, to say the least. And given the consequences it can have, it’s best to fix them immediately.

Your first instinct might be to turn on the laptop, watch a few how-to videos and try fixing it yourself. But the problem is, more often than not, repairing blocked drains requires expertise and can’t be managed by homeowners on their own. 

Therefore, we suggest getting in touch with a reliable plumbing company and getting the drains repaired efficiently rather than trying to do anything yourself and worsening it. Plus, in this blog, we have mentioned some of the signs and causes of blocked drains in Ipswich and what Parker Plumbing Company can do to help you. 

So, without any further delay, let’s jump right in!


How To Know If Your Drains Are Blocked?

These are some of the tell-tale signs of blockages in the drain:


1. Slow Drainage 

If you notice that the water is draining slowly, it means there is a blockage in the drains. Drains can get blocked because of food debris getting stuck in the pipes. As food decomposes, it produces a foul smell, which worsens when you turn on the tap. 


2. Strange Gurgling Sounds

Moving on, if you hear any gurgling sounds from the drains, it could be a sign of drain clogging. When the air gets trapped in the drain and tries to escape as you turn on the tap, it creates a gurgling sound.


3. Raised Water Levels

The easiest way to know if the drains are blocked is if you notice a rise in the toilet water level when you flush. Having said that, if there is an overflow, it could mean there is a more serious issue in your drains, and you might need pipe relining to fix it. 


4. Damp Walls And Floors

If you notice that the walls and floors are damp, it could mean that you are having blocked drains issues. We strongly recommend not ignoring them; otherwise, it may end up creating severe water damage in the entire house, and that could lead to an expensive repair.


What Are The Common Causes Of Blocked Drains In Ipswich?

Here, we have listed a few common causes of blocked drains in Ipswich: 


1. Tree Root And Leaves

To identify the cause, head over to your yard and check if it’s properly maintained or not. If it is not, the debris and leaves can cause obstructions in the drain, which could lead to a blockage. Not to mention, tree roots often get drawn to the closest source of water and can cause the pipelines of the sewer drains to crack with time and create a blockage.


2. Toiletries

Even though toilet papers are designed to be flushed down the drain, it’s crucial not to use excessive amounts unnecessarily. This is because they can cling to each other and get stuck in the drainpipe, causing a blockage. 


3. Foreign Objects

Foreign objects might not block the drain initially, but the build-up of such objects can clog the drain over time, preventing the water from flowing freely. Thus, it’s important to keep an eye on the things you flush down the toilet.


4. Hair

Another common cause of a blocked drain is hair. Now even though it might seem too fragile to cause blockages, it can slowly pile up and cause the water to stop passing altogether. So, it’s best to check for hair build-up around your sink and plughole every now and then to prevent drain blockage.


5. Grease And Fat

Grease and fat could also cause a blockage in drains because fatty substances have sticky qualities, making them instantly bond to the interior of the pipes when rinsed down. Thus, it will eventually block the drains to the point where no liquid can pass through.


How We Can Help With Blocked Drains In Ipswich?

At Parker Plumbing Company, we are a group of highly skilled and experienced workers who can fix your plumbing issues in a matter of hours. Not to forget, we are equipped with the specialised tools and the latest technology on the market, so you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands.

Once you give us a call and fix an appointment with us, we will be in front of your door at the promised time. We’ll begin by making a quick analysis to identify the exact location and the cause of the blocked drains using pipe locators. After that, we’ll check each tap to see if the blockage is in one particular drain or multiple drains.

Depending on the cause and the severity of the blockage, we’ll use the following tactics: 


1. Pipe Relining

A prolonged blockage can damage your pipes, and if that’s the case, we’ll opt for pipe relining. We use resin and flexible tools to reline the damaged pipe after removing the blockage. 


2. Hydro Jet

Hydro jets utilise high-pressure water to remove debris and other unpleasant objects from pipes and is one of the most reliable ways to unblock blocked drains. We mainly use this drain cleaning approach if the blockage is less concerning.


3. Excavation

If the drain blockage is severe, we’ll have to resort to excavation, where we will dig around the drain to replace or repair some of the pipework manually. Even though this method is not the go-to option, it could clear blocked drains and save your pipeline from further damage.


4. CCTV Technology

We can also use a CCTV drain camera to locate the blockage in the drains. We’ll insert the CCTV camera in the pipeline and then determine the severity of the damage and work accordingly.


5. Drain Snake 

Drain snakes are professional tools used by plumbing companies for drain cleaning. It can remove blockages from deep within the pipeline. We usually use this drain cleaner when the blockages are difficult to get rid of as it is probably the most effective and the best solution.


Who We Are, And Why You Should Trust Us?

Founded in 2008, we are a team of qualified, licensed and skilled plumbers that have 11 years of experience in the plumbing industry under our belts. Having been this long in the industry, we know what it takes to provide unmatched service to meet the demands of our customers. 

Based in Ipswich, we offer our plumbing services all across the region every day of the week from 6 am - 6 pm. Plus, we ensure that we leave no space for complaints and lags by reaching our clients’ locations on time and going about our work diligently with minimal disturbance. 

Be it blocked drains, cracked pipes, hot water systems- we provide the highest quality of workmanship to fix your issues that leave a lasting impression. Unlike other plumbing companies, we don’t do anything half-heartedly; instead, we give 100% to ensure we take care of the entire job without the customer having to move an inch. 

Furthermore, our services are affordable and cost-effective. And we ensure that we discuss the prices with you before getting on with the work so that there are no surprises or uncomfortable situations once we’re done. Beyond that, honesty and transparency are deep-rooted in our work culture, and besides fixing the issues, we walk the extra mile to develop a trustworthy relationship with our customers. 

Therefore, we provide them with tips and tricks on extending the longevity of their plumbing systems so that they don’t have to make such hefty expenses in the near future. Also, once we finish working, we take extra care to tidy up the place and ensure no damage to your property.

Apart from that, our team consists of fully trained plumbers who can work in Ipswich. Also, we can provide our team members’ safety compliance paperwork, certifications, qualifications, registration papers, and licenses on request. So, you can trust us with your eyes closed! 


How You Can Get In Touch With Us?

So, if you want to get your blocked drains fixed by the best plumbers available in Ipswich, give us a call today. We at Parker Plumbing Company are proud of our strong local reputation, and we promise to leave no stones unturned to ensure that you get the best plumbing-job services in Ipswich.

You can call us on the contact number provided on the website to book an appointment; we are available every day of the week from 6 am - 6 pm. However, if, for some reason, the call doesn’t go through, you can contact us online by clicking on the ‘Book Online’ option on our home page and leaving your details.

Rest assured, one of our customer support executives will call you back at the earliest convenience and ask for the details about your plumbing problems. So, hurry up and make that call before it gets too late!

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