Why A 24 Hour Plumber Is Important In Brisbane

It’s a Monday morning, and you are getting ready for work, but there’s no hot water in the shower. Feels like a nuisance, doesn’t it?

Plumbing troubles usually come unannounced, without any regard for the time. Hence, 24-hour emergency plumbing services are essential in fixing serious plumbing issues round the clock. While the DIY fixing options can help deal with minor plumbing troubles, you must hire an emergency plumber when there’s absolutely no time to waste.

However, emergency plumbing services can be expensive, so it’s best to assess the situation before hiring an emergency plumber. That’s why in this article, we will discuss the seven most common plumbing reasons for hiring an emergency plumber Ipswich wide.

So, without wasting any time, let’s begin!

Why Do You Need A 24-Hour Plumber In Brisbane?

1. Gas Leaks

The first thing you need to do if you smell gas in the kitchen is turn off the gas. Then, open every door and window to let the gas out and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

After ensuring that your main gas line is turned off, evacuate the building immediately and contact your local plumber for their emergency services. Also, remove all ignition sources from the vicinity of the gas leak and avoid turning on any electrical appliances.

Moreover, depending on the severity of the gas leak, you might need to alert the local authorities to ensure safety. Never try to deal with gas leaks yourself, and always contact a gas fitter Ipswich wide to assess and fix the situation.

2. Burst Pipes

If you have old and worn-out water pipes, you might face the issue of burst pipes soon. Burst pipes can cause severe water damage to your walls, ceilings, and floors, leading to you spending tons of dollars on house renovation.

While wear and tear is a common cause for water pipes to burst, they can also burst due to incorrect alignment or if they freeze during the winter. Whatever the reason, your best course of action is to call for emergency plumbing services to change the pipes immediately and avoid any property damage.

Also, if your water pipes burst, remember to turn off your main water supply to prevent flooding of the house. Once the main water line is turned off, contact your local burst pipe plumber, who can deal with the entire situation with utmost efficiency.

3. Blocked Sewer

If you get a foul stench every time you visit the toilet, it’s probably a blocked sewer. So, whenever there’s a weird smell in the bathroom or kitchen, know that your sewer pipe is clogged and blocking wastewater drainage.

The main sewer line of your house helps in draining used water from bathtubs, showers, toilets, and sinks to the town’s underground sewer system. However, if your sewer line gets clogged, everything stops moving, causing your toilets and bathroom to stink.

Not only that, but clogged sewer lines can also lead your toilets to overflow because nothing goes down no matter how many times you flush. Hence, it’s best to contact a plumber who is used to looking a blocked drains Ipswich wide to avoid this gross and messy situation as soon as possible.

4. No Water Supply

Even though it’s quite unusual, your water supply can get disrupted for various reasons, such as burst pipes or leaking pipes. If you notice that the water pressure in the faucets or showerheads has dropped significantly or there’s no water in the kitchen tap, your main water supply must be facing a severe plumbing problem.

Under such circumstances, check the water pressure in other bathroom and kitchen fixtures. If other appliances are working properly, you need to deal with just one faulty tap and not your entire water supply line.

However, if none of the fixtures is getting any water, there can be severe damage to the main water line that requires immediate attention. Thus, hire an emergency plumber who can take a look at your main water line and fix it straight away.

5. Issues With Your Water Heater

Is your water heater unable to heat water, and you are experiencing a very uncomfortable cold shower? It’s better to take a look at the water supply line of the heater to assess the issue. At the same time, it’s also possible that your heater is simply malfunctioning because of excessive use of hot water.

However, if there’s some significant heater damage, it’s best not to try and fix it yourself. When it comes to hot water system repairs Ipswich wide, always hire a professional plumber to ensure safety. A professional emergency plumber will have the right equipment to fix any heater damage.

6. Running Water

Homeowners often ignore water trickling down their showerheads and faucets because they think it’s quite common. However, if you hear water running down the tap during odd hours, it can signify some severe internal leaks in your residential plumbing system.

If such water leaks are ignored for a long time, they can cause significant property damage, and you might end up spending thousands of dollars on renovation. Thus, if you hear running water at quiet hours, call your plumber to undergo leak detection Ipswich without any delay.

7. Leaking Pipes

Is water dripping from your roof constantly? Or, are you having damp patches on the drywall? These are the common signs of leaking pipes that can ruin your ceilings, walls, and floors.

You might try to avoid these signs by collecting the dripping water from the ceiling in a bucket or by covering up the wall. However, it’s best to call your emergency plumber if your house is drenched to avoid property damage.

Final Words

When you are dealing with plumbing emergencies, as we’ve listed above, it’s always best to look for local professional plumbers who can be at your doorstep in no time. Hence, we recommend you hire a 24-hour plumber in Brisbane to deal with any severe plumbing crisis.

Even though emergency plumbing services can be a bit expensive, they’ll cost you way less than renovating your house if there’s some serious damage due to a plumbing issue. Hence, don’t ignore leaky pipes or damp patches on your walls and immediately contact a 24-hour emergency plumber.

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