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5 Things Your Plumber Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Your home plumbing is something that you rarely think about - as long as it functions, why would you? But when disaster strikes and you are left wondering “where can I find a cheap plumber near me?”.

Even though calling for help is absolutely the right course of action, there are some things that you’re doing that might make any plumber’s job a little harder. We have collected a list of the top things your plumber wishes you would stop doing.

Using harsh chemicals

When your toilet or drain is blocked, it can be tempting to reach for harsh, chemical-based products. However, these products can be extremely damaging to your pipes, and often, don't even work. Not only that, but these chemicals can be dangerous for you to use, as they may burn your skin or damage the area around your pipes (such as the porcelain of your sink or toilet).

Flushing foreign objects

Speaking of situations where you might want to reach for the chemicals, your plumber would love for you to stop flushing foreign objects down your toilet! Items such as sanitary products, cotton wool, makeup remover wipes, and even too much toilet paper can cause serious clogging. These items might travel further into the drainage system, causing blockages that can impact more than just your home - so you might be causing an issue for your neighbours or beyond!

Using your sink like a garbage disposal

Along similar lines, your plumber is also hoping you don’t use your sink like a garbage disposal. Letting grease, fat and oil go down your kitchen sink, as well as food waste, can lead to a serious buildup of debris which can cause your pipes to become damaged and cracked, as well as resulting in blockages that can cause floods.

Trying DIY repairs

If you have a blockage, cracked pipe, or any other plumbing issue, it can be tempting to try and save money by trying to go down the 'do it yourself' route. However, unless you have a wealth of experience with plumbing, it is likely you’re only making the situation worse. Find that “cheap plumber near me” and call in the professionals to help you - it might just end up being cheaper, and it will certainly be quicker in the long run!

Not booking maintenance checks

Keeping on top of your plumbing rather than waiting for an emergency is something that many of us are not very good at. But having your pipes checked every so often is a good way to nip issues in the bud before they get out of control. Your plumber would always rather sort out a plumbing problem when it’s small and manageable than have to attend to a disaster later on.

If you want to stop doing these top five things and take proper care of your plumbing, get in touch with us to find your perfect plumber in Ipswich. Whether for an emergency issue or routine maintenance, we have the best plumbers in Ipswich ready to help.

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