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Parker Plumbing has been servicing the Brisbane region for well over a decade providing quality emergency plumbing, servicing and install work.

As the plumber Jindalee residence and businesses trust on a day-to-day basis. We have an unmatched reputation within the built on trust and quality over many years of service.

We are proud to be one of the best plumbing industries offering our service throughout Queensland Australia, including Jindalee.

Demographics of Jindalee, Queensland

The name of the town Jindalee originates from the Aboriginal word that translates roughly to “bare hills”.

Image of Jindalee

Located about 12 km south west of Brisbane CBD, it a quiet little Western suburb of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

In 1959, there was the commencement of planning and development of a number of small suburbs that would be referred to as the “Centenary” suburbs. Jindalee has the honour of being the first of many suburbs in this series of suburbs.

According to the Australian Census 2016, the little town has a total population of 5319 residents.

Local Plumber Parker Plumbing Company is primarily an Ipswich & Brisbane based company. Our Professional Plumbers offer services to local suburbs such as Ashwell, Corinda, Redbank Plains, and Woolshed. No matter your location, Parker Plumbing Company the plumber locals go to for quality.

To the northern border of Jindalee flows the Brisbane River. Hence, it is quite a shame when there are water or plumbing problems occurring in a town that is so close to an endless source of fresh water.

What kind of properties do we cater to?

We at Parker Plumbing believe that every human should have equal access to clean water.

No matter what the size and dimensions of your property are, Parker Plumbing has got your back. We understand how much trouble an interruption in your water supply can get – even if it is for as short as a few hours.

Any problem in your pipelines needs to be dealt with as soon as possible so that you are able to continue with your regular life. To play our part in making your lives a little easier, Parker Plumbing is available to you wherever you are in Jindalee.

We take great pride in claiming that we are as efficient in resolving water problems in multiple story family houses and deluxe homes as we are in catering to our customers living in small apartments and flats. There is absolutely no property where we cannot assist you in case of a water or plumbing issue.

Need a good plumber to fix that broken pipeline? Do not hesitate to call Parker Plumbing and watch all your worries fade away.