Ipswich & Brisbane Emergency Plumbing Services

Emergency Plumber Brisbane

Trusted Emergency Plumber in Brisbane and Ipswich

Parker Plumbing is an experienced emergency plumber in Brisbane and Ipswich.

Our Brisbane emergency plumbers are available to repair and replace any faulty plumbing in your home. If you’re dealing with broken toilets, blocked drains, burst pipes or a failing hot water system, we can keep your day on track.

The team at Parker Plumbing has over 15 years of industry experience. We’ve seen every emergency under the sun, so we know what to do in any situation. Our teams are equipped with the tools and spare parts needed to repair most emergencies on the spot. That means we can fix your problem, prevent damage and keep your family safe.
We’re the emergency plumber Brisbane trusts. Every job comes with affordable prices and a commitment to quality that we’ll never compromise on.

If you need emergency plumbing in Brisbane or Ipswich, contact Parker Plumbing and let our technicians handle the issue.

Our Emergency Plumbing Services

General Emergency Plumbing

Parker Plumbing provides a range of emergency plumbing services. If you need help with burst pipes, broken appliances or a plumbing system that isn’t working properly, we can help. Our Brisbane emergency plumbers can fix any issue and keep your day moving.

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain might sound like a small problem, but it can quickly turn into an emergency if left unchecked. Our team uses non-destructive drain clearing methods to locate and clear blockages caused by tree roots, dirt, soap, cooking oils, foreign objects and more.

Burst and Broken Pipes

Leaky, damaged and broken pipes can cause serious flooding on your property. Parker Plumbing provides emergency plumbing Brisbane services that can repair any broken pipes. We’re also equipped to repair underground leaks, so no issue is too big.

Gas Leak Detection

Natural gas and LPG are affordable ways to power your home appliances. But gas leaks can be fatal, so they need to be addressed immediately. Our qualified gas fitters are available throughout Brisbane and Ipswich to locate and repair gas leaks on your property.

Septic System Repairs

Septic tanks and systems need regular maintenance to ensure they work properly. If your septic system isn’t maintained, it can lead to leaks, blockages and even flooding. Don’t attempt to clean up septic spills on your own – contact our Brisbane emergency plumbers.

Broken Toilets

Broken toilets and burst flexi-hoses aren’t just inconvenient, they can cause serious flooding inside your home. Parker Plumbing has the spare parts to repair broken toilets on the spot. We’ll fix the issue and ensure your toilets are working the way they’re supposed to.

Flooding and Stormwater

Brisbane’s storms can be a real challenge for your plumbing and drainage. If storms are causing flooding in your home or yard, contact our team immediately. Flooded drains can damage your home and its foundations, so it’s important to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Hot Water System Repairs

If you’ve woken up to discover that there’s no hot water for your shower, our emergency plumbers in Brisbane and Ipswich can help. We’ll visit your property to assess the issue and provide hot water repair and replacement, so you can get on with your day sooner.

What to do in a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies are a serious issue. Flooding can cause substantial damage to your home and its foundations, and issues like natural gas leaks can be fatal.

If you have a plumbing emergency at home, the first thing you need to do is shut off the mains water supply. This can be done by switching off the water supply valve:

  • If you live in a suburban home – The mains shut off valve can be found near the curb at the front of the property. It’s located in a blue or black plastic box that’s recessed into the ground.
  • If you live in a townhouse – The mains water valve may be located at the front of the townhouse, or they can often be found near the water meters for the property.
  • If you live in a unit or apartment – Your mains water valve is usually located in a utility cabinet inside the apartment. Typically near the front door or alongside your water heater.

Once you have shut off the mains water supply, you can mop up the water and give our Brisbane emergency plumbers a call. Serious flooding may need to be cleaned up by our plumbers using specialist equipment.

Contact Parker Plumbing if you can’t find the mains water valve on your property. Our emergency plumbers in Brisbane can help locate and switch off the valve, and we’ll be out to your property as soon as we can.