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Issues with your septic tank can be easy to fix once properly diagnosed. We only provide honest advice.


If you septic tank does require a pump-out, we have a dedicated waste treatment partner who can help.


We charge a $110 Call Out Fee which is waived if you proceed with our quote.

Returning customer and 100% satisfied with the service and cost half of what I thought it would
Darren Brook
Darren Brook
Excellent service as ever. Good to find a trade similar to mine that actually does amazing work, and comunicates.
Louise Cox
Louise Cox
Did some major drainage and installed a tap half way down the property. They were great. Lovely to deal with very efficient and quality workman at a fair price.
Lorrae Joan
Lorrae Joan
Daniel was amazing, very professional and didn’t stop until he’d sorted out the problem completely.
Steve Andrew
Steve Andrew
I was able to book a call out at a time that suited me. Josh turned up punctually, fixed the problems and left the bathrooms clean and tidy. Very happy :)
Mandie Robinson
Mandie Robinson
Very quick to get the job done, called in the afternoon, job done by early the following morning. Replacing a toilet ,thankyou very much for a speedy response.
Dan arranged Josh to attend to our emergency within a couple of hours. Josh let us know he was on his way. He explained the problem and what he was going to do to resolve it. The new regulator looks great and has provided much better gas flow to the stovetop burners. Given the response time, professionalism and quality of the job I feel the cost was reasonable.
Jodie Y
Jodie Y
Have engaged these folks on multiple occasions and they'll continue to get our business we've been happy every time. Josh is always on time, explains things well, and very professional. The same high level of professionalism was noted by us from his colleague on a recent bigger job that needed 2 pairs of hands; nothing but positive experiences to report from everyone we've interacted with at Parker Plumbing including the administrative team. Thankyou!


Parker Plumbing is a team of experienced plumbers that work throughout Ipswich. We handle all common household plumbing challenges, including septic tank plumbing, installation, maintenance and repairs.

Septic tanks are a common solution in the rural parts of Ipswich. If your property isn’t connected to council sewerage, chances are that there’s a septic tank on your land. That septic tank needs to be emptied, cleaned and serviced at regular intervals to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Our team provides a comprehensive range of septic tank plumbing services, including:

  • Septic tank inspections
  • Septic tank servicing
  • Installation and replacement
  • Priming and activation of new septic systems
  • Installation of dispersal fields
  • Maintenance for all septic plumbing

Not all properties are suitable for septic systems. If you’re thinking about installing a septic system, give Parker Plumbing a call. We can assess your property and local requirements to help determine whether a septic system is right for you.


Your septic tank needs to be emptied every 1-2 years. In between pump-outs, septic tanks need to be serviced to prevent the system from becoming damaged or clogged.

A damaged septic tank isn’t just a minor inconvenience – it can be a serious (and foul smelling) problem.

Failing septic tanks become blocked and can lead to problems like:

  • Leaking tanks and pipework
  • Solid waste overflowing through the outlet
  • Waterborne diseases
  • Foul smells (like rotten eggs)
  • Angry neighbours

If you want to stay on the right side of your neighbours, book your septic tank service in Ipswich with Parker Plumbing!

We work on septic systems all over Ipswich and Brisbane. During your septic plumbing service, we will inspect your system for any blockages, leaks or damage that might be occurring. Our plumbers can locate and repair any damage, ensuring your day keeps flowing smoothly.

In extreme cases, we may recommend replacing your septic tank or system. While you can usually expect to get 50 years of use from a well-maintained septic tank, systems that aren’t looked after can fail prematurely.

Replacing a septic system is a major project, so we recommend booking a maintenance appointment every 12 months. Speak to our team about setting up a septic tank maintenance schedule. We’re happy to visit your home on a regular basis, inspect the tank and make sure everything’s working properly.

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Septic tanks are a simple underground system that’s designed to manage and disperse wastewater from your home or business. While they’re basic devices, septic tanks need to be inspected on a regular basis to prevent excess waste and damage to the system.

Parker Plumbing offers septic tank inspections Ipswich wide. We’re equipped to perform regular inspections, servicing and installation for all residential and commercial septic systems.

Often, your septic tank needs to be pumped out which is recommended every 2 years but sometimes problems can occur which require more than a basic pump out. You may need to have the system serviced more often if there are lots of people on your property, or if you are producing more waste than normal. If you’re unsure, get in touch with our plumbers and we can help you figure out how often your system needs to be emptied.

Our team offers septic tank plumbing and services all over Ipswich and Brisbane. We work with residential and commercial clients, and we can look after septic systems of every size.


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A septic tank is an underground tank that’s used to capture wastewater from a home or business. Wastewater is allowed to settle and separate inside the tank, while useful bacteria break down excreta and solids into liquid form.

As the water in the tank settles and breaks down, it separates into three layers:

  • The upper layer, consisting of fats, oils and grease
  • The liquid layer, consisting of water and liquid waste
  • The sludge layer, consisting of solid waste that is breaking down into liquid form

To avoid the tank filling up too quickly, the liquid layer (which is mostly clear and only contains a small amount of waste) is gradually drained via an underground dispersal field. This dispersal field is made up of perforated pipes that allow the water to drain into the soil. Dispersal fields are often planted with shallow-rooting plants (such as grasses and flowers) that help to manage the additional moisture in the ground.

When they’re working properly, septic tanks generate no mess and no smell, and they can last for decades with regular septic tank servicing. Parker Plumbing are septic experts, so we can install, maintain, repair and service your septic system, ensuring it provides years of trouble-free use.

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