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Returning customer and 100% satisfied with the service and cost half of what I thought it would
Darren Brook
Darren Brook
Excellent service as ever. Good to find a trade similar to mine that actually does amazing work, and comunicates.
Louise Cox
Louise Cox
Did some major drainage and installed a tap half way down the property. They were great. Lovely to deal with very efficient and quality workman at a fair price.
Lorrae Joan
Lorrae Joan
Daniel was amazing, very professional and didn’t stop until he’d sorted out the problem completely.
Steve Andrew
Steve Andrew
I was able to book a call out at a time that suited me. Josh turned up punctually, fixed the problems and left the bathrooms clean and tidy. Very happy :)
Mandie Robinson
Mandie Robinson
Very quick to get the job done, called in the afternoon, job done by early the following morning. Replacing a toilet ,thankyou very much for a speedy response.
Dan arranged Josh to attend to our emergency within a couple of hours. Josh let us know he was on his way. He explained the problem and what he was going to do to resolve it. The new regulator looks great and has provided much better gas flow to the stovetop burners. Given the response time, professionalism and quality of the job I feel the cost was reasonable.
Jodie Y
Jodie Y
Have engaged these folks on multiple occasions and they'll continue to get our business we've been happy every time. Josh is always on time, explains things well, and very professional. The same high level of professionalism was noted by us from his colleague on a recent bigger job that needed 2 pairs of hands; nothing but positive experiences to report from everyone we've interacted with at Parker Plumbing including the administrative team. Thankyou!


The team at Parker Plumbing are Brisbane’s trusted blocked drain specialists. We can clear any blockages in your drains and ensure your plumbing works like new.

Every homeowner will face a blocked drain from time to time. While the issue is common, it’s essential that you deal with blocked drains properly to avoid further issues, like flooding and damaged pipes.

At Parker Plumbing, our team has access to a range of specialist tools that are ideal for clearing blocked drains. Our equipment makes it simple to clear any type of blockage and protect your home from potential damage.

Don’t wait until a blocked drain becomes a flooded home – contact us immediately if you notice blocked drains in Brisbane or Ipswich.


The drains around your home withstand constant use. But none of the plumbing on your property works harder than stormwater drains.

Brisbane and Ipswich receive some of the worst storms in Australia. When the skies open up, the sheer volume of water can overwhelm your stormwater drains and cause serious flooding around your home.

The challenge is that stormwater drains are easily blocked by leaves, twigs and dirt that washes down the drain. These slow the water flow and can cause serious flooding. If this happens to you, Parker Plumbing can clear the blockage and ensure your stormwater drains are flowing smoothly.

Parker Plumbing is equipped to deal with blocked stormwater drains and get your property ready for next storm season. Contact us if your yard is slow to drain or if you notice flooding after it rains.



Blocked drains are a common problem around the house. Sinks, toilets, showers and stormwater drains can become blocked due to normal use and a lack of maintenance.

We often deal with blocked drains that are caused by issues like:

  • Invading tree roots
  • Build ups of dirt and silt
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Foreign objects
  • Clumps of hair and soap
  • Build ups of cooking oils and fats
  • Poor installation
  • Non-flushable toiletries
  • Heavy storms

Keep an eye on the sinks, showers, toilets and bathtubs in your home. The tell-tale symptoms of blockages include slow drainage, gurgling sounds, raised water levels or damp patches in your walls, floor or yard.

Whatever the cause, Parker Plumbing has the tools and expertise to clear blockages and ensure your plumbing keeps flowing.


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Blocked drains should always be cleared by a qualified plumber. At-home drain cleaning chemicals can do serious damage to PVC, copper and steel pipes, which can cost you big in the long run.

We clear blockages using state-of-the-art equipment and non-invasive methods wherever possible. Depending on the cause and the severity of the blockage, we’ll use the following tactics:

  • Pipe relining – Pipe relining is a non-invasive method to repair damage and collapsed pipes. Once we’ve removed the blockage, we can repair your pipes without the need to excavate.
  • Hydro jetting – Hydro jetters are one of the most reliable ways to clear blockages. They use high pressure water to clear away blockages caused by hair, soap, oils and foreign objects.
  • CCTV drain cameras – CCTV technology allows us to easily locate the cause of a blocked drain. Our CCTV cameras can be used to find a blockage anywhere on your property without damaging your pipes, including underground.
  • Drain snakes – Drain snakes are a professional tool that make it easy to clear away blockages. This is one of the most cost-effective forms of drain clearing, and it’s perfect for most situations.
  • Excavation – For severe blockages and broken pipes, we may need to excavate and repair the damaged section. Even though this method isn’t our first choice, it’s very effective for clearing major blockages (such as tree roots) and preventing further damage.

Blocked Drains FAQs

Our blocked drain experts will clearly communicate the nature of the problem and how to address it when unblocking a drain.

Although the average time to unblock a drain is approximately 1-2 hours, this can vary based on factors like the cause of the blockage and whether it is easily detectable and fixable within that timeframe.

To unblock drains, we first employ a CCTV camera to pinpoint the location and nature of the blockage. Typically, we attempt to clear the blockage using a rod or snake.

If these methods prove insufficient, we then resort to our high-pressure jetter, which is highly effective at clearing even the most stubborn blockages. The jetter is an essential tool in our arsenal for ensuring drains are thoroughly unblocked.

Landlords are obligated under tenancy law to handle repairs during the lease period. If they fail to conduct these repairs, they may face rent reductions and could be required to compensate tenants for any damage to goods.

However, if the damage necessitating repairs is determined to be due to the tenant’s negligence or actions, the financial responsibility for these repairs shifts to the tenant.