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Plumber Pinjarra Hills

Parker Plumbing has been servicing the Brisbane region for well over a decade providing quality emergency plumbing, servicing and install work.

We are the 5-star rated plumber Pinjarra Hills homeowners and landlords trust on a day-to-day basis. We have an unmatched reputation within the built on trust and quality over many years of service.

This really green, really nice outer suburb located at bout 15km west of Brisbane is not very populated also not very popular when it comes to suburbs.

However, it is home to some of the most gorgeous luxurious homes. It had a population of above 600 at the 2016 census and is generally surrounded by a lot of trees.

Image of Pinjarra Hills

The area is not necessarily a perfect place for bringing up your children as there are not many facilities to ensure proper education except in the neighbouring suburbs. However, this is of no surprise when you consider the recent demographical data taken that shows that the median age of people here was about 55 years old.

These are only but a few features of Pinjarra hills, and we, at Parker’s Plumbing are very much concerned with delivering to you our professional, quality services which will surely have you looking nowhere else for plumbing services.

Local Plumber Parker Plumbing is primarily an Ipswich & Brisbane based plumbing company. The Team provide services to local suburbs such as Chuwar, Coalfalls, Redbank Plains, and Upper Kedron. No matter your location, Parker Plumbing the plumber locals rely on.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drainage systems are one of the most common things in a home to easily get clogged or blocked.

Whether it is in the toilets, sinks or any other drainage system in your home, we have been able to put together an expert team that will assist you with drain cleaning services and are definitely going to put a rest to your worries as it concerns drainage systems services.

Tubs, Taps and Showers installation, repair and replacement

These are some of the casual resources that make up a home of our contemporary age.

It is still, however, a coincidence sometimes or mistakes that can occur from poor installations or basic human errors that will either ruin a feature of the taps, tubs or showers.

The plumbers at Parker’s Plumbers are fortunately very experienced in repairs of these sorts and as such will ensure the required resource is left in its original high rate of functionality and smooth running.

Our technicians also install new and if necessary, replacement taps, tubs and showers that will raise your convenience level significantly.

Garbage Disposals

Our services also involve the replacement and installation of garbage disposal systems in your homes to ensure that your pipes are not clogged due to wastes among other reasons.

Essentially, our plumbing services will definitely cover whatever plumbing requirement you might have in mind to undergo. So, no matter what plumbing services you require, we are surely going to leave you with that “WOW” factor.