Best Way To Fix A Leaking Pipe

When left unchecked, leaks can cause serious damage to properties. From causing rot and mould to damaging furniture and household items, leaving a leaking pipe to its own devices can do more hard than good. If you suspect you have a leaky pipe in your home or want to be prepared if something happens in the future, being informed is the best place to start. Read on for our top tips on the best way to fix a leaking pipe in your property:

Identify the source of the leak

The first step to fixing a leak in your property is finding out where the leak is coming from. In some cases, it may be evident that there’s a leak under your sink or in your shower. In others, it can be challenging to spot a leak in the first place. Unfortunately, identification can be half the struggle in non-severe leaks, meaning more damage over time. If you hear a constant dripping but can’t figure out where from, check all areas with water connections such as washing machine, sinks and taps. If you have a damp patch in your ceiling or water running down a wall, your leak is likely coming from under floors on the second storey of your property. If you can track down a leak and access it quickly, you’re one step closer to being able to fix it as soon as possible.

Shut off water if you can

Slow, barely-there leaks may seem easy to handle even with the water on, but no matter how minor or severe, it’s always best practice to shut off water to your property where possible. Usually, your shut-off point for water will either be in or around your property. In houses, it may be found in flowerbeds or outside areas for the whole house. You may also be able to shut off water to specific rooms in the home, too, if you know where everything is. It’s crucial to shut off the water because it gives you time to fix pipes without potential damage in the process. You also don’t want a pipe to suddenly burst because it’s under pressure, leading to far more damage than a small leak could ever do. Turning your water off is always a good idea, and you’ll also want to run your taps to drain anything left in the pipes before you get started.

Tighten pipes is leaking is due to a loose fitting

Loose fittings or connections can be a cause for leaking that, in some cases, is easily fixed. While holes and damage require more extensive management and fixing, loosely fitted pipes can often be resolved simply through tightening areas that are not connected properly. This can occur when new appliances or bathroom suites are fitted improperly, leading to potential leaks and floods. You may need a wrench to tighten a loose-fitting effectively, and you may also want the specific waterproof tape to make that fit as air and watertight as possible. Once tightened, you may find that your leak is completely gone, and your work is done.

Use a compound stick or patch kit for a temporary fix

Compound sticks and patch kits are excellent ways to keep leaks at bay temporarily. For example, if you’ve found a pipe that has a small to medium-sized hole, a patch kit or compound stick can provide an easy way to create a seal around the hole. This is especially important if you need access to running water immediately, allowing you to remove the source of the leak before a permanent solution is in place. While these tools are handy, they aren’t a long-term replacement for new pipework or professional fixes. It’s always worth having a kit or two handy at home, as well as a bucket that can catch any drips or leaks during the fixing process. Epoxy putty is another good, temporary option that can be watertight when used with the right kind of tape.

Hire a professional plumber to resolve the leak

Whether you aren’t confident about tackling a leak yourself or it’s an urgent, significant problem that needs fixing, bringing in professional help is always a good idea when it comes to your plumbing. A professional plumber will be able to resolve leaks quickly and easily before they cause any damage to your property, providing you with peace of mind. You can opt to carry out a temporary fix before calling out an emergency plumber, or you could get someone out on-site as quickly as possible. Whatever you choose, seeking professional services for leaks is ideal for ensuring an appropriate, fast, and professional fix. Have a leak in your property? The Parker Plumbing Company can help. Get in touch now to get a quote for our emergency plumbing services.

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