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A septic system is simply an underground system designed to take care of wastewater in the home or business. It is made up of a septic tank and piping systems which are connected together.

A septic tank is a sedimentation tank that is connected underground and is used for wastewater decomposition, drainage and treatment. It is simply a big tank underground that collects excreta and other wastewater.

Septic Systems Ipswich

Septic systems are mostly seen in rural areas and not urban areas as urban areas have a sewage system that helps collect and transport waste water and excreta and they are controlled by the water company in that area.

Parker Plumbing Company has been servicing Septic Systems in and around the Ipswich and Brisbane area for decades. We can repair, replace or empty your system. 

How does a septic tank work in homes?

The septic tank is made of fibreglass, concrete or plastic and is installed underground.

It's typically made of two pipes: the inlet and outlet pipe. The inlet pipe brings in wastewater and deposits it in the septic tank so that the septic tank can separate the wastewater into different parts.

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These different parts are

  • The scum, which is made up of fats, oil and grease and it floats on top of the waste water.
  • The liquid component which makes up the middle layer of the waste water.
  • The solid particles which make up the bottom layer of the waste water.

The middle layer or the liquid component is relatively clear and is allowed to flow out of the outlet pipe. This outlet pipe is connected to what is called a drain field (which is a disposal facility for the clear waste water).

Maintenance of septic tanks and system

A well-maintained septic tank can last for as long as 50 years according to Wikipedia. But this is not going to happen if you do not take care of your septic tank (whether it is made of concrete, fibreglass or plastic).

This maintenance is basically done by cleaning out the tank every couple of years. If your tank is small, then you might have to do it every 2 years or even more frequently than that.

Do not make the mistake of allowing scum and solid waste accumulate in your septic tank.

This could lead to failure of your septic system, and this leads to a blockage of the outlet pipe through which the relatively clear waste water is meant to flow through. The solid waste particles and scum can also overflow through the outlet pipe as a result of this septic system failure.

This is not something you want happening with your septic tank. If you want to avoid:

  • Unnecessary expenses that come with taking care of the septic tank failure
  • Waterborne diseases
  • Foul smell
  • Angry neighbours…

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…then you need to get experts to take care of your septic tank system. If you live in Ipswich or Brisbane, then you can call us to handle your septic system installation, maintenance and any other issues.

We will make sure you never have to deal with septic tank failures or other related issues again. Give us a call now.

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