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Sewer blockage is one of the worst nightmares a homeowner can have. It is dreadful to watch and very unhygienic to see your wastewater coming back up the drain, few seconds after you rinsed it down.

Sewer Blockages Ipswich

Nobody wants to deal with that experience.

If the problem is in the main sewer line, then it is a public issue and you can wait for the local area to handle the issue, but if it happens in your own private line at home, then you have a problem on your hands.

Sewer Blockages Ipswich

We will share with you some of the common causes of sewer blockages and how to get it handled if you live in Ipswich or Brisbane.

Some common causes of sewer blockages

When you have sewer blockage, it is for one or more reasons. Some of them are listed below:

Clogging of sewer pipes by foreign objects

This is one of the most common reasons you can have a sewer blockage in your piping system. If you have a blockage, it is probably the first thing that will come to your mind.

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There are many foreign objects that could cause blockages in your sewer pipes. Some of them are:

  • Baby diapers
  • Sanitary pads
  • Fats, oil and grease.

These objects are admittedly difficult to dispose of in the trash because of their stink, but you better believe that the stink they generate in the trash is nothing to be compared with the one they will generate when they block your sewer pipes.

Penetration of pipes by tree roots

It sounds weird, but yes, trees can have their roots block your sewage. When they get too big, they form root balls within the pipes and clog it.

To prevent this from happening, you should plant trees far from the sewer line or put chemicals to remove the root, although this might also mean removing or killing the plant.

Old dilapidated pipes

Old and rusty pipes could be the cause of your sewer blockage issues. This is because old and deteriorated pipes can break and allow soil and other foreign particles come in and clog the piping system.

Eventually, all pipes have to grow old and die, so you have to constantly be on the lookout for worn-out pipes.

Some ways to prevent sewer blockage

You can prevent sewer blockage by:

  • Not flushing foreign objects, fats and grease down your drain.
  • Installing a grease trap to deal with waste water that could cause blockages
  • Planting trees away from the sewer line
  • Constant check up to be sure your pipes are not unnecessarily worn out.

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Dealing with Sewer Blockages

If you have tried every method known to prevent sewer blockages and it still happens, then you need the help of experts to help you deal with the situation.

Our plumbers in Ipswich or Brisbane are constantly available if you need help handling your sewer blockage.

Call our numbers and we will get the dirty problem out of your house immediately.

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