Leak Detection Services in Ipswich & Brisbane

Leak Detection Ipswich

Accurate Pipe Detection

Utilising the latest technology, we pinpoint leaks accurately, saving you time and money.

Non-Invasive Methods

We use non-invasive techniques to detect leaks, preserving your property’s integrity.

Comprehensive Inspections

Our thorough inspections ensure no leak goes undetected, protecting your property from hidden damage.

Returning customer and 100% satisfied with the service and cost half of what I thought it would
Darren Brook
Darren Brook
Excellent service as ever. Good to find a trade similar to mine that actually does amazing work, and comunicates.
Louise Cox
Louise Cox
Did some major drainage and installed a tap half way down the property. They were great. Lovely to deal with very efficient and quality workman at a fair price.
Lorrae Joan
Lorrae Joan
Daniel was amazing, very professional and didn’t stop until he’d sorted out the problem completely.
Steve Andrew
Steve Andrew
I was able to book a call out at a time that suited me. Josh turned up punctually, fixed the problems and left the bathrooms clean and tidy. Very happy :)
Mandie Robinson
Mandie Robinson
Very quick to get the job done, called in the afternoon, job done by early the following morning. Replacing a toilet ,thankyou very much for a speedy response.
Dan arranged Josh to attend to our emergency within a couple of hours. Josh let us know he was on his way. He explained the problem and what he was going to do to resolve it. The new regulator looks great and has provided much better gas flow to the stovetop burners. Given the response time, professionalism and quality of the job I feel the cost was reasonable.
Jodie Y
Jodie Y
Have engaged these folks on multiple occasions and they'll continue to get our business we've been happy every time. Josh is always on time, explains things well, and very professional. The same high level of professionalism was noted by us from his colleague on a recent bigger job that needed 2 pairs of hands; nothing but positive experiences to report from everyone we've interacted with at Parker Plumbing including the administrative team. Thankyou!

Water Leak Detection in Ipswich

Leak detection is a non-invasive technique that our plumbers use to identify burst pipes or water leaks in hidden areas. Common signs of a concealed leak are a high water meter reading, wet patches in your lawn, or seepage issues around your property.

Our expert team, equipped with advanced monitoring tools and extensive experience, can accurately identify and repair leaking pipes in the Ipswich and Brisbane areas.

The leak detection process involves pressurising the supply lines to push air bubbles through the damaged section of the pipe. Using sophisticated sounding equipment, we monitor these air bubbles to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. This method allows us to locate hidden leaks within concrete, behind walls, and inside service ducts efficiently.

Commons Causes of Water Leaks

Common causes of a water leak include rust and corrosion, wandering tree roots, cracked and collapsed pipes, shifts in the earth and vehicles, heavy machinery or equipment going above where the pipes are located.

Comprehensive Water Leak Detections

The Parker Plumber team are used to finding all sorts of pipeline leaks outside of the home but we are also experts at indoor leaks as well. Our leak detection services in Ipswich involve a series of tests to identify the cause and location of water leaks in and around your property. Some of these tests include:

  1. Static Test: This test uses fluorescein dye mixed with water to trace leaks through waste lines. By filling the shower tray with colored water and plugging the waste line, the waterproofing can be tested effectively.
  2. Hydrostatic Pressure Test: This test checks if the water line maintains pressure. A confirmed leak is indicated by a pressure drop within a specified time frame.
  3. Flood Test: A straightforward yet effective method, where tiles and screens are flooded with water. The presence of water in the affected area confirms a leak.
  4. Visual Inspection: A thorough examination of taps, spindles, pipes, toilet cisterns, drains, and other plumbing fixtures to detect any visible signs of leakage.


These methods ensure accurate detection and timely resolution of water leaks thus protecting your property from potential damage.



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FAQs About Our Leak Detection Services

Detecting and fixing pipe leaks quickly and accurately is essential, yet challenging. Modern technology like acoustic and sonar leak detectors allows us to locate leaks without destructive excavation. Additionally, dye, pressure, and flood tests can uncover hidden leaks as well.

Plumbers use sophisticated leak detection technology which includes CCTV cameras, microphones, acoustic amplifiers and sonar devices. This technology enables them to accurately locate leaks such as those hidden under concrete or behind walls.

Locating a leak under a concrete slab can be complex and require a professional plumber. They trace the pipe’s origin and utilise advanced CCTV drain cameras to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Professional leak detection is highly accurate. Our skilled plumbers can pinpoint leaks within centimetres, regardless of their location. This precision is achieved through the technology and specialised equipment we use. This minimises property damage and speeding up the repair process.

Once the leak is located, our plumber will provide a fixed quote for the necessary repairs. This quote will include recommendations for the most cost-effective and long-term solution. As part of our terms of trade, we will waive the call-out fee if you go ahead with our quote.